Our Team

Mr. Sudheer Gaddam CEO & Executive President

Mr. Sudheer Gaddam, CEO and Executive President of Neumeric Technologies Corporation focuses on continuous growth of the organization, innovation and leadership development. Sudheer, a serial entrepreneur, founded Neumeric and managed its growth through the last decade. With over two decades of experience in Information Technology, Engineering and Computer Aided Design, Sudheer orchestrated the strategy for Neumeric, which resulted in the global organization with four offices and streamlined processes.

Prior to taking up the reins of Neumeric’s management, Sudheer worked in architecting the Lean Engineering Software System called ADVMS for General Motors, which was globally used in General Motors. Sudheer built an Information Technology Department in Quantum Consultants, which was an Engineering Services Company before he joined them. Sudheer’s exposure and experience providing consulting services at Caterpillar Corporation and CadVision Engineers, enabled him to be successful in working with the leaders in Automotive Engineering.

Sudheer holds a Master's degree in Engineering from Oklahoma State University. Prior to that, Sudheer is an engineering graduate from Osmania University in India. Sudheer gained his management experience working ground up in multiple organization over the last two decades. A staunch believer in Vedic Philosophy and Philanthropy, Sudheer believes in continuous learning and ever growing to new heights to have more positive influence in the community and society.

Mr. Krishna Vedula CTO

Krishna J Vedula, Chief Technology Officer, at Neumeric Technologies Corp, provides guidance in Architecture, Infrastructure and technology at Neumeric for projects internal and external. With vast experience in product development, Krishna brings a disciplined approach to Development at Neumeric. His role as CTO, Krishna has orchestrated products in Healthcare space that are widely used several hospitals not only for their day to day operation but also influencing strategic decision making.

Krishna has provided solutions as head of Customer Solutions Group at a major IT Solutions provider, to many clients in US, Canada, Panama, Brazil and middle east. In this role, he guided the architecture teams, to build Scalable and modular solutions in multitude of technologies like Java EE, SOA, .Net, and several Open source Platforms.

At Level3 Communications, Krishna as part of the Enterprise Architecture Group, was pivotal in building an Enterprise SOA Framework that enabled the organization to streamline and expedite Enterprise Acquisitions and Mergers.

Krishna is very active in Development and training and constantly seen providing targeted sessions in areas like Enterprise Application Development, Mobile Platforms, Big Data, Data Analytics, to name a few.

Krishna holds a MS in Engineering from Oklahoma State University and Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from India. Krishna has been an integral part of Architecture teams in several fortune 500 companies providing significant contributions whilst harnessing his skills. Keeping up with technology is possible only by embracing Continuous learning, and Krishna is an avid reader, and advocate of this philosophy.

Mr. Sriram Atreya Paturi Manager - IT Product Development

Sriram Atreya Paturi, Manager at Neumeric Technologies with over 9 years of experience in IT industry has been leading the development of Bhishak Platform.

Sriram joined in Neumeric in USA before he moved to India and took the lead to develop Bhishak Platform. He has successfully led the EMR – US product for "DrFirst Certification for E-Prescription". Later he shifted focus on to the Indian Market and developed Healthcare Information Management System (HIMS) Suite.

Mr. Sriram has Extensive knowledge & Expertise in Healthcare domain. He is responsible for providing tactical management, and leadership support to his team, in order to ensure that the project proceeds within the agreed tolerances of time and delivers a fit for purpose outcome to the customer. He has always been a problem solver and go-to-guy for Neumeric.

Sriram, a Microsoft Certified Professional, holds a Master's degree from University of Akron, OH along with a Bachelor’s Degree from JNTU.