Medinous can be installed and accessed from mobile platforms like Apple IOS (Ipad), Google Android , Windows-8 etc. which allows the users to view & transact information from the application while on the move. Mobility covers the various workflows, both administrative and clinical functions. The examples of the functions which Medinous provides on mobility include:

Administrative Functions:
  • Registration of patients by the front office staff
  • Admission Request for a patient by a doctor
  • Referral of a patient to another specialist
  • Approval of discounts request by the authorized manager
  • Approval of Purchase Requisitions to process for preparation of purchase orders
Clinical Functions:
  • View Results of Investigations requested, especially critical or abnormal results
  • View EMR of a patient referred by another doctor
  • Order prescriptions based on test results
  • Stop any of the ordered medications for a patient, based on test results
  • Place instructions to the nursing staff regarding a patient’s care
  • Initiation of discharge of a patient, based on results of a particular test result waited for