Hospital Information Management System

Efficient and foolproof Bhishak HIMS covers entire end-to-end major medical specialties.

Comprehensive and consistent, Bhishak Hospital Information Management System is integrated Medical Record and Hospital Management solution that provides Healthcare providers a single platform management of activities for wide-range automation and process.

Bhishak HIMS is designed to deliver real conceivable benefits to different sizes of healthcare organizations, from small clinics to a large network of multi-specialty hospitals. Modular and bespoke software based on SAAS delivery model is tailored in customizable manner based on your organizational and budgetary requirements.

In a seamless flow, Bhishak HIMS provides relevant information across the hospital to support effective decision making for patient care, hospital administration and critical financial accounting. Its mission critical design covers a wide range of highly diverse hospital administration and management processes.

Conceived and developed by seasoned experts with decades of experience in IT and health care industry Bhishak HIMS effectively addresses all the health information system users’ concerns such as safety, effective care, management of chronic conditions, and improving overall efficiency.

Robust data storing ability of Bhishak HIMS makes it highly scalable software and its extensive reporting capabilities facilitate a better workflow management. Efficient management of data and processes required by all levels of hierarchy, from health service users to policy makers, is far easier.

Cost-effective Bhishak HIMS has high usability with lowest maintenance & expenditure. Using it is the surest way to get the best possible ROI for your services. It is build to meet highest standards of industry in terms of safety and quality.