Have a well rounded view of your day to day activities through reporting. Know the trends by branch

Branch wise revenue You can get the branch wise revenue report and know profits and performance details of each branch. The facility of exporting the details to ‘Excel sheet’ is also available.

Branch wise payments and discounts You can also get the ‘Payments and Discounts’ details of each branch within a stipulated period.

Corporate and Referrals Details

Creating corporate post paid reports and generating invoices You can easily search the existing post paid invoices, create the branch wise corporate post paid reports from the exiting invoices, or even generate new invoices.

You can speedily generate the branch wise referral physician amount report. You can also maintain the details of employee referral reports.

Daily Reports Daily reports pertaining to various categories such as visits, tests, pending collections can be generated along with branch wise revenue report, corporate report and corporate collection point summary report.

Monthly Reports Monthly reports can also be generated on the lines of daily reports.