Bhishak Features

BHISHAK is a comprehensive all-in-One customizable suite designed to offer complete cross- speciality Healthcare Information Management Services for our clients. Bhishak can handle versatile Healthcare Information Management assures the availability of healthcare information to facilitate real-time healthcare delivery and critical health related management for multiple resources to collect, store, retrieve, interpret and communicate healthcare information that deals with patient care, medico-legal issues, research, and the planning, provision and evaluation of health care services. It holistically addresses the medical record- keeping requirement to varieties of healthcare firms based on organizational and budgetary requirements.

Bhishak emerges as the comprehensive and highly demanded solution with a scalable architecture with the highest level of integration and innovation built into it. The definers for Bhishak are its content that is most advanced and path-breaking in the industry, the myriad workflow templates, the suitability to a multitude of medical specialties and the fact that it is designed and developed by domain experts and technologists.

Secured Bhishak enables you to track, record, follow and also schedule every instance at your hospital, laboratory of pharmacy. Affordable Management Software, be it laboratory tests, operation theatre, inpatients, radiology, pharmacy, tracking the business flow, managing the payments, or even looking after the employees.

As modular software that has various modules tackling the workflow process of clinical systems it comprises of following four different products.

The LIMS, pharmacy and radiology are offered both as components of HIMS and as standalone applications to address the needs of different clients such as diagnostic laboratories, pharmacies and radiology diagnostic centers.


Efficient and foolproof Bhishak HIMS covers entire end-to-end major medical specialties.


Backbone to a diagnostic lab is accurate and Integrated Information.


Pharmacy management is full of challenges. With Bhishak Pharmacy everything.


Discover comprehensive radiology system designed with centralized repository.