An Innovative Technology Company

Neumeric’s product line includes solutions for Franchise Management, Book Management and Medical Transcription. We work as a Product Development Partner for a number of leading companies.

Our story

Neumeric Technologies specializes in providing end-to-end solutions to the business needs with strong emphasis on quality, objective metrics and performance to price ratio and meeting the deadlines.

We are entirely focused on product development and project execution thereby delivering value to our clients, which is amply manifested in our internal product lines.

We take pride in forging a trusted solution partner relationship with clients and always exceed the expectations of clients regarding quality and commitment.

With over two decades of experience in enterprise solutions, we have served multiple industry verticals including Automotive, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Insurance and Financials.

In order to address the Global IT demands, we have presence in multiple locations in US and India, and have gained credibility with clients by providing industry leading customer support and quality standards.